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Volume is King!


You will have heard me say this during our sessions. It explains how we manipulate reps and sets to make sure that your volume is increasing over the weeks.

But "Volume is King" very much applies to your nutrition as well.

What do I mean by this?

When losing weight, we need, at some point, to restrict the number of calories we are consuming. This is often (not always) in the form of foods that we really enjoy: crisps, biscuits, bread, pasta and chocolate.

So how do we make our meals high volume but still keep them lower calorie?

The answer is; by understanding the foods that you eat.

Once you know that white meat and fish have fewer calories than red meat and oily fish, it is easier to decide between the 2. That doesn’t mean that you can’t eat red meat or oily fish - it just means that it might be easier to reach your goals choosing chicken, turkey, or cod.

When you know that vegetables and salads are much lower in calories than starchy carbs, you can start to fill your plate with large portions without massively increasing your calorie intake.

White potato and rice have fewer calories than pasta and bread. Therefore, you can have more of it for the same number of calories.

Tomato-based sauces are lower in calories than creamy sauces, and herbs and spices can be used to add incredible flavours to your meals.

Eating more healthily doesn’t need to boring. It just needs you to understand the food you are consuming and plan ahead.

High volume meals will help to keep you feeling fuller for longer. They will also help to stop you from reaching for snacks.

What are your favourite high volume, low-calorie meals?

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