Can I lose body fat without counting calories?

So, you want to lose body fat, but you can’t be doing with the hassle of tracking all your calories.

This is a very common issue, and the good news is that it certainly doesn’t stop you from achieving your goals.

Here are three things that you could implement that will yield some good results:

  1. Increase the volume of vegetables/salad that you put on your plate and half the amount of starchy carbs you have. By increasing the amount of fibrous veg, you will keep your satiety levels high and you will consume far fewer calories than if you kept all the pasta, potato or rice on your plate.

  2. Choose leaner cuts of meat. Although there is nothing wrong with the fattier cuts, you should by no means remove them altogether. If you don’t want to count calories and you want to lose body fat, then this is worth a go. Instead of choosing 20% fat beef and lamb, choose leaner choices like 2% or 5% minces. Choose chicken, turkey, and white fish over more oily fish like salmon and tuna. Again there is nothing wrong with these foods - these are just some easy changes to reduce your calorie intake without "counting calories".

  3. Cut down on consuming your calories in liquid form. This is two-fold; firstly smoothies - these seem really healthy, and may well contain a lot of nutrients, but they also contain a lot of sugars and calories (especially most of the varieties bought from the shops). Soda’s - if you are consuming full-fat soda’s, try to change to diet or sugar-free versions. You will massively reduce the calories consumed with this simple swap. You may think it tastes different to begin with, but just stick with it. Your taste buds will change quickly and won’t notice the difference after a while.

As with everything, these will only work if you implement them. If you fail to implement them, then they clearly won’t work. Also if you try them for a few days, miss a day and then think they don’t work and give up, or you think it is a bit tough and just stop, then again they won’t work.

Failing to implement and/or aiming for only 'perfection' will not serve you. Aim for consistently good, not occasionally excellent.