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Letting the weekend undo all your hard work over the week


How many times have you let the weekend undo all your good work over the week?

But without being able to go out and let your hair down with friends and family, life would become let's face it, very boring indeed. You could almost class missing out on those occasions as more harmful to your health than going out and overindulging occasionally.

So how can you stop these meals and drinks from undoing all your weekday hard work?

Well, you prepare. You plan in advance.

I hate the term 'cheat meal' or 'cheat day' because it makes out that you are doing something wrong - that by consuming food and drink out is, in some way, against the rules and should be shunned.

One tact that you could implement really quickly is to cut down on the oil in the food that you eat that day, or cut out breakfast maybe, or the little snacks that you might want during the day.

This way you will bank a few calories, and even if you do go over your allocated amount in the day, it will only be by a minuscule amount which you can easily claw back from the following days.

The one thing that you don’t do is beat yourself up and punish yourself over it. Calories can easily be manipulated over the following days to deal with anything that is thrown at you.

Remember; one bad day does not ruin a healthy eating plan, just like one good day does not make a healthy eating plan.

And one final little tip; if you are reducing calories in other meals, make sure that you keep them high protein and moderate to high fats as these will help to keep you satiated and will stop your blood sugar dropping low and hitting that energy slump that leaves you grabbing at biscuits.

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