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3 Reasons you are not dropping weight

  1. You are not recording your food accurately, so you aren’t in a calorie deficit.

  2. You are eating more food than you think you are, so you aren’t in a calorie deficit.

  3. You are not in a calorie deficit.

I know these may sound harsh, but sometimes the simple truth is the hardest to take.

You can blame your metabolism, your medication, or your hormones (and these things may play a very small part in hindering your progress), but the fundamental principle of weight loss is being in a calorie deficit. How you do that is by using the tools we can give you via training, nutrition plans, and mindset training.

Takeaway point: unless you are consuming fewer calories than you are burning, you will not lose weight. This is called a calorie deficit, and it is the underlying principle of weight loss.

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