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What if you had a coach?


Has this ever happened to you?

You wake up, it's a gym day, and you try to work out when the best time would be to go. Does it fit into your day? How busy is it going to be? And what are you going to do?

You put it off and off - finding any excuse not to go because you can't be bothered to design your programme. It finally gets to the evening, and if you're going to do this, it has to be now.

You get there, and it is rammed. The equipment you want is being used, the instructors aren't about to help you, and you can't think what to do.

So you end up hitting a few weights in a totally random order and then go home fed up and angry with yourself for not going earlier.

You end up walking on the treadmill, bored because you forgot your music, and then go home angry and disappointed.

Worse still, you stay at home, get into your pj's, grab a family share bag of crips, slob out on the sofa, and watch your favourite streaming service - and miss out on your workout.

How about if there was a different way...?

What if you could book a workout at a time that suited you and kept you accountable?

What if there were only ever three other people that would be in there with you?

What if you had your own dedicated space with the equipment you needed for that workout?

What if you had a coach with you, making sure you got the very best out of each workout and designed it around your needs?

What if all this was for just £14 per session, with all the coaching you needed both in and out of the gym all included?

What if you were surrounded by people who cared and wanted you to succeed?

You can have all this just by getting in touch and seeing if we are a good fit.


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