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Online coaching gives you more.

Free workouts you can download are not always the best option.

Online coaching is an investment - not just of your money, but of your time as well. But coaching is something that provides you with support as well as guidance. Online coaching also provides you with a more flexible approach, so that you can build things into your day.

If you have tried losing weight and failed before, you may well also be wary of investing more of your valuable time and money, if your fear of failure is high.

So let's look at the pros and cons of a free celeb programme versus hiring a coach.

Free downloadable workout:

Pros of a free workout:

  • It’s free

Cons of a free workout:

  • No individualisation - it may well not work for you

  • No accountability - you download it, and that’s that

  • No diet help, or if there is, it takes no account of foods you like or your lifestyle

  • Higher risk of injury as you may not know how to effectively complete an exercise

  • Higher chance of failure as you have no support

A professional coach:

Pros of a coach:

  • Individualised training plans - designed around your goals and your lifestyle

  • Diet plans - based on the foods you enjoy and your lifestyle

  • Full accountability - through check-ins and access via messaging apps

  • Less risk of injury - you have a coach to direct you on the correct movement and ready to answer any questions you may have. And for online clients, we have video feedback for individual issues

  • Guaranteed results

  • Look and feel better than ever with more confidence

Cons of a coach.

  • It is an investment of your time and money

  • You will have to get used to people noticing you and more attention from other people

  • You will get asked how you managed to achieve the results you have by strangers

So the question is; can you really afford to not hire a coach?

You could download a free programme, try it for a week or two, and then give up and have the same dilemma. Or you could decide that now is the time to get in touch and see just how far we can get together.


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