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Link the things you love, with the things you need to do


We know that we will always prioritise the things we value the most.

We will always find the time to do things we really want to do.

So how do we link together the things we know we need to do but are not our highest priority (such as training and often nutrition) so that we are motivated to do them more often?

Let me give you an example; often, when I talk to clients, time with family comes really high up on the lists of the things they value the most, and rightfully so. It is the same for me.

I also know that if my energy is good, the time I will be spending with my family will be quality time.

And, guess how I can manage energy and make the time with my family the best it can be?

I eat well, and I train. These two tasks that I do daily boost not only my physical energy but my mental energy too. It puts me in a great place - a place that allows me to be in the moment with them, rather than thinking of other things or being somewhere else.

You can see how linking tasks that you might not value to outcomes that you really do value will help to increase the consistency that you complete them.


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