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Change results. Change plan.


I am pleased to say that have seen many people start to make some positive changes to their lives.

I’m not talking about the "New Year New Me" philosophy (that, by the way, I don’t necessarily agree with).

I mean, there is nothing wrong with you - you are great. You just need to ask yourself some better questions and make some better choices.

Fridays can be testing.


The weekend is nearly here.

The offer of drinks after work, meeting up with friends, meals out, or takeaways...

So how can you stop this from happening?

The same way that you do during the week.

Have a plan.

Plan something that excites you for Saturday and Sunday morning.

Something that you care more about and don’t want to have ruined by feeling like crap from booze or over-eating.

Book something into your schedule. Make a ritual that fires you up enough to take it easy on the drink.

If you don’t have a plan for your actions, you’re leaving it up to your willpower. And that has a limited lifespan.

Don’t leave it up to chance.

If you want to change your results, change your strategy.


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