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A useful tip for diabetics


As with most things, diabetes can make training harder.

There are so many things to consider and plan for, but in this article, I will be looking at training timing around insulin injections.

Most fast-acting insulins, such as; Fiasp, Novo rapid etc, are active for around 4-6 hours after administration. Those of us who use a calculator such as Glucolog or RapidCalc will see that it refers to Insulin On Board (IOB). This is the amount of active insulin left in us from the last injection.

This matters, because if we have a large amount of insulin left in us when we start training, we can induce a hypo - which not only can be dangerous but will also ruin the workout.

A way to combat this is to hold off training until around 3 hours after taking your insulin. This will leave a little insulin within you to cope with any rises that resistance training may induce, but the lower levels left will help to reduce the risk of hypos.

This subject has been simplified in this post as otherwise it would be too long to read - we always go into a lot more detail with our clients. The type of training completed (cardio or resistance and the intensity), should also be taken into account when working out the timings for your training.


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