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Your outer World will show your inner commitments

Your outer world will show your inner commitments.
Please read that again.

You say you want to lose weight, but you still over eat.

You say you want to exercise, but you stay in bed.

You say you want to be more productive, but you spend your time on your socials.

You say you want more family time, but you stay at work.

We don’t often realise that we are doing these things because they are habits we just do without even thinking about it.

How often have you had an important job to do, but thought you would just check your phone quickly? Then caught yourself an hour later still watching Facebook or YouTube video’s? I know I have.

These are just bad habits we have got very good at doing.

You might even do these habits because you are led by others.

You get drunk, because your mates are.

You over eat because, your partner is.

For some of us, living with the comfort of being where you are and getting the approval of others is easier than implementing the changes you need to make. The thing we are doing gives us more immediate payback than actually doing the work required for us to achieve our goals.

A great question to ask yourself in these situations is; What am I really committed to right now, this moment?

Once you look at your actions, you will see what your underlying commitments are. And, once you know what your underlying commitments really are, you can pull them from the back of your mind and into the front where you can decide, “Are my actions really serving me?”.

We need to get good at doing the things that serve us well, and knowing the actions that we do during the day that don’t serve us is a great starting point.


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