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You don’t have to sustain a fat-loss diet. You need to be able to sustain a maintenance diet.


This is really important.

When people want to lose body fat, the thing that holds them back from reaching out for help is the fear that they will have to be put on really low calories and left there. Forever leaving them hungry, tired, and thoroughly bloody miserable.

This simply isn’t the case.

Sure, on occasions clients have to come to me with a short deadline, like a last-minute holiday or social event (admittedly with the current pandemic this has happened less!).

In these cases, we have gone hard on low calories to make sure they get the result they want, but around that is education.

The fat-loss phase is just the period of getting you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Everything else is your real diet.

And the education provided teaches you:

  1. How you maintain your results

  2. How you push for a more athletic physique without piling all the weight back on

  3. How to deal with social situations

  4. How to have a holiday/break without feeling guilty about enjoying the food you like

If you feel the education side is the bit you're missing and you’re fed up with not seeing results, then get in touch. We can get a plan in place for you.


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