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What to do when motivation is low

We are only human, and at different times in our lives, different things will hold a higher importance than other things.

Your fitness journey is no different.

We all have goals, dreams, and a physique that we desire.

But the thing to remember is that there is nothing wrong with your journey taking a back-seat for a while. That doesn’t mean you leave it completely.

It does mean that at stages in your life where circumstances are changed, that other life pressures will take priority.

This is where the coaching we do will come into its own.

The non-negotiable tasks that you have been building into your daily routines

Things like:

  • Protein at each meal

  • Getting steps in each day

  • Journaling and emptying your head of all those thoughts that run around in it each day

These things will get you through and will see you right until you can prioritise your journey again.

The big takeaways are:

  • Low motivation is inevitable at some points in your life

  • It is perfectly normal and there is nothing wrong with you

  • It will come back and so will your desire and passion for your journey

  • Trust the plan and the process.

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