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Top 5 things to focus on

Fill your thoughts with the things that you can control - the things that will make a positive impact on your health and wellness.

Here are my 5 top things to focus on:

  1. Control how much negative information you consume - only watch a maximum of 1 news programme per day and keep off social media first thing in the morning

  2. Sort your sleep - implement a good pre-bed routine to help you get a regular sleep/waking time

  3. Get out and about - Get out and walk. It will build up your cardiovascular fitness, clear your head, and provide you with time away from work or screens

  4. Practice gratitude - write down one to two things every day that you are grateful for. When you focus on positive things, it is harder to allow negative thoughts in

  5. Give yourself a break - if things don’t go to plan straight away, or if you consume more food and drink than you wanted to, or if you don’t get out for your walk - it doesn’t matter. Don’t throw in the towel. Just forgive yourself, and start again. 'Consistently Good' beats 'Occasionally Great' every time.

These are some of the ways we build a lifestyle that supports your goals and gets you feeling good.


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