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Think through your choices


Do you remember having to choose your options at school? Do you remember being expected to have an idea of the subjects you wanted to do to help you with a career? If, like me, you had no idea what it was going to be...?

I was chatting to a couple that I train online about this very subject just the other day.

But, if you think about it, we are bombarded with options multiple times every single day now.

  • Are we going to put ourselves first, or others?

  • Are we going to feel comfortable or uncomfortable in the clothes we wear?

  • Are we going to like what we see in the mirror or not be happy at all?

  • Are we going to choose to still make dinner after work or pick the easy takeaway option?

  • Are we going to have the wine in the evening or choose water?

  • Are we going to go to bed early or stay up watching Netflix?

  • Are we going to write a to-do list and plan tomorrow or just wing it and hope for the best?

It's really easy to make these decisions with no thought.

To pick the easy option. This is our subconscious mind just doing all the habitual things that it's used to. Without a clear goal or vision, you have no opposite choice.

When you have a goal and an outcome that you are working towards, you have options. You will have a focus that you can then make conscious decisions about.

Be clear on your vision and give your mind something to do. It wants to solve problems, and giving the option to work and focus on making informed choices throughout the day will pay dividends in the end. Don’t sleepwalk (as my mentor would say) through your day.

If you’re struggling right now and want to get things handled, book your Strategy Call and let's chat.


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