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The most important commodity we have is our time

Updated: Jan 13, 2021


One of the things I share with many of my clients is that the most important commodity we have is our time.

I work and I have 2 amazing children and I like my team members, I want to build as many memories as I can with my family.

I totally get the argument that working more to earn money to be able to afford to make memories is important.

But for me, so is being there for my family whenever and wherever they needed me.

Those times that I picked them up from school and took them for a treat on the way home. The sports days. The times they just wanted to cuddle on the sofa.

These are precious times, and if we miss them we will never get them back. If we don’t prioritise our time and manage it well, we miss so much.

We will never see them in nappies again. Never see their first walk again. They will only ever have one 10th Birthday.

That is why everything I do for myself and my clients maximises the free time it gives us.

We don’t want to be training for 2-3 hours per day.

Food prepping for hours.

Checking social media and wasting our time on cat video’s all day.

We want what we do to be productive, effective, and give us more freedom to spend time doing things that really matter to us.
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