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Struggling to get motivated?


If you are struggling to get motivated to get your workouts in or hit your nutritional targets, it may be that they are just not your highest value tasks.

This is fine, but if your goal is to get into the best shape of your life, you can see how not getting your workouts in and your nutrition under control could be a bit of an issue.

So how do you make these tasks a priority if they are not your highest values? You need to link them to your goal, to your mission, to the thing that excites you and drives you forwards.

Let’s say the reason you want to get in shape is that you want to feel more confident, or maybe you want to get noticed by that one person that has your heart. By linking the tasks that you don’t want to do to the outcome you really want, you can motivate yourself to get the work done. The lowest value tasks linked to the high-value outcome will make those tasks more bearable.

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