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Strategy to deal with business meeting boozing


I had a really interesting chat with a chap the other day who wanted a strategy to deal with a business meeting meal that he had this week.

He was concerned about the level of boozing that was going to be taking place.

I asked him why he thought this was going to happen, and his reply was that "it is expected of him" on these occasions.

I was interested to see who had told him it was expected.

How had that been communicated to him - that he was, in fact, expected to get smashed at this event? "Well, it’s an unwritten rule isn’t it?” was the response.

I explained how his goals and outcomes are the most important thing, and how achieving his goals should excite him more than feeling like he needs to booze with these people.

The thing is, we often modify our behaviour to fit in with people that we really don’t want to be like at all. We change what’s important to us just so we can gain the approval of those peers. How mad is that?!

So, the strategies we put in place were to firstly put in an activity the next day that he cared about more than drinking. And then secondly, really to grow up and tell these people; “Look, to be honest, I have this (insert event) tomorrow. I want to be on form to discuss business with you guys, and I want to be on top form for that one too, so I'm not drinking this evening."

We discussed how his happiness and contentment with hitting his goals is far more important than letting his peers feel good about sabotaging his outcomes.

If you think it might be time to start taking control and start feeling great, just book your Strategy Call. You never know what you can achieve with the right guide to point you in the right direction.


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