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Started and gave up

How often have you started something and given up on it?

I have been guilty of this so many times.

Have you wanted to lose weight, feel fitter, or eat better? You start well, and then a few weeks in, you miss a day, you eat something you think you shouldn’t (or just plain get bored) and end up doing the same thing you always do and give up and stop. I mean, there’s always next summer, isn’t there.

I hear this so much when I get onto Strategy Calls with possible clients.

“I start off with all the best intentions, and then it all goes wrong, and I give up”. Does this sound familiar? Like something you have said many times before?

There are 4 reasons why we don’t always do what we say we are going to do.

These are:

  1. Your 'Why' isn’t big enough - or to be more precise, your leverage isn’t big enough. Often we decide we want to do something, and we look at the benefits of completing that outcome. But if we want real leverage, let's look at who else will benefit from us achieving the outcome. Let's say you want to lose 10 kgs. The benefits to you would include; getting more confidence, looking and feeling better, see improvements in your health. The benefits to others would include; you are more likely to go out and do more active things with your family and build more memories. When we do things for other people as well as for ourselves, it gives us more leverage over our actions.

  2. The strategy is s**t. There isn't one single strategy that works for everyone. The ability to monitor, adapt and change is important.

  3. Your environment is wrong. In this instance, we are talking about the people that you hang out with. If you are trying to quit smoking, hanging around with smokers is probably going to make life very difficult.

  4. You haven’t set your environment up for success. Now we are talking about what you listen to, who you listen to, and what you read. Do you sit and watch Love Island, or are you reading self-help books, listening to TED talks on success, or podcasts on healthy eating?

If this resonates with you and you want help setting yourself up with a plan to move you forward, just get in touch.


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