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Quick tips for those working night shifts


We know that night shifts aren’t ideal and that they do mess up your natural circadian rhythm, so here are 2 tips to help minimise the damage:

  1. Try to eat before and after your night shifts, with minimal snacks in between. Eating large meals during your shift can increase the gap between where your circadian rhythm wants to be and where it is.

  2. Double down on your pre-bed rituals - don’t forget them in a bid to get to bed sooner. By now, most of you should have your pre-bed routine nailed down (if not, and you need help, let me know). Aim for: no caffeine 4-8 hours before bed, no electrical items 45 mins before bed, try to read fiction for 20 mins in bed before sleep, and then your deep breathing exercises.

I know it is very easy to just crawl into bed (and you deserve to). But by sticking to your rituals, you will get a better night sleep.

Let me know if you have any questions….

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