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Post Christmas weight gain - tips to remain positive.

Like me, I’m sure a few of you will have woken up a few pounds heavier than you did a couple of days ago and that is absolutely fine and to be expected.

Here are a few reasons why this has happened, and more importantly why you should not give it a second thought;

  1. Yesterday (if you were doing it properly) your food volume would have been far greater than normal - more food equals more poo and basically, you have not got rid of it all as some of the food will still be being digested.

  2. Glycogen; when you eat more carbs, glycogen fills your muscle cells. When glycogen gets taken into muscle cells it takes more water with it - more glycogen and water storage equals more weight.

  3. I’m pretty sure most of us were sitting in a calorie surplus yesterday, so some of those extra calories will have been stored as fat tissue - BUT far less than you imagine has been.

So three things that you should definitely NOT do next is:

  1. Stop eating for a day, in the hope that the weight will fall off.

  2. Panic, that all your hard work has been ruined.

  3. Feel guilty, for being human and enjoying yourself.

Just get back to being mindful about what you are eating. Think 'am I really hungry' each time you go for a snack, and relax - realise that building memories with loved ones is far more important than a 6 pack.
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