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More salt?

When my mum was with us, she used to add salt to a lot of the food that we ate.

When she boiled potatoes or veg, she used to add salt into the water to add flavour.

When I moved out I stopped using salt (anything to save money) I instantly noticed the food tasted bland and, well…boring.

But here’s the thing...

After a while, my taste buds adapted, they started to be alright with the no salt thing. Now we don't even think about adding salt to food.

Why am I telling you this?

It is the same when you first start a training programme.

Your body probably won't like it, and it will complain. It will make you feel like you want to stop. But just like our taste buds, you will adapt. Your body will adapt to the new stimulus, and it will respond.

The key is to have a mission so powerful, and a goal so important to you, that when your body and your mind are fighting you, you have the inner strength and desire to ignore it and push on.


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