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Measurable Goals Make All The Difference


“Yeah I set goals with my previous PT, but I don’t think I really reached them.”

This really confused me when I heard this from someone. Surely if you set a good goal or outcome you would know if you hit it or not.

It turns out this gent's outcome was that he wanted to feel better. Now whilst this is an admirable reason for wanting coaching it is very hard to define whether or not you have succeeded.

This is why, in my humble opinion, all outcomes should have a number in them.

If you are heading down a track, you want to know that you are getting somewhere. You want to know you are getting close to your destination. When heading out on a journey, you want to know how many miles it is, and how many you have to go.

Outcomes are no different. If you want to stay engaged, excited, and determined to reach your goals, you need to know you are getting close.

It can be anything you want:

  • Train 36 times in 90 days

  • Fill in your journal 80 times in 90 days

  • Hit your calories 6 days out of 7

  • Have 1 family day each week

Take a look at your goals. Reassess and see if they have a number in them.

We all need to aim for something to keep us moving forwards and give our lives direction.

If you want to find out how just get in touch.


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