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Loose weight and still drink alcohol & eat what you like?


You don’t have to give up the food and alcohol you like to lose weight.

I thought that would grab your attention!

And it’s true - you don’t have to. But, let’s look at the bigger picture...

If…you’re carrying a few extra pounds.

If…you’re not sleeping well.

If…your stress levels are through the roof.

If…your training has taken a hit.

Is your body going to be functioning as well as it should?


Your body needs to rest and digest - it needs to repair.

Does it make sense to continue to over-consume the foods that helped get you in that state?

Then to top it off with alcohol which causes inflammation within the body….

So, yes, you can consume your favourite foods and alcohol and still lose weight. But for optimal health and the results you want, surely changing a few things would work better.

If you really want to see a change and finally get some amazing results, just get in touch, and let's do this!


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