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Keep your mind focused on 1-2 things at a time

Focusing on one or two aspects of your fitness journey at a time will be more beneficial than trying to change everything all at once.

I totally get that when we make a decision, we often go all-in - we want a new pet, and we search and search until we get what we want.

Our fitness journey is the same once we decide we are doing it. We go all in; no alcohol, no takeaways and up early running every morning. We fully invest in what we want, which is fine.


Our minds are a bit like a compass needle - they only point in one direction and focus on that point. So if we are trying to split our focus between nutrition, training, getting enough protein, increasing our veg consumption, drinking more water, getting a good sleep pattern, or starting to journal.....

Well, you can see how that could easily overwhelm us, cause mass panic, and risk us giving up. By focusing on just a couple of tasks that will yield the biggest results, we can avoid feeling overwhelmed. This stops us from throwing our toys out of the pram and will allow us to start seeing the wins which drive us forward.

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