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Just eat a Curly Wurly!

Updated: Feb 20, 2021


This was a message from my online client Richard.

And, he had read it right!

Let me explain...

Richard has a sweet tooth, and he really likes chocolate. Not lots and lots of chocolate, but he does enjoy a treat each day.

The problem that Richard faced was that he used to beat himself up about it. He felt bad every time he, in his words, “gave in and had some”.

So by the time it got to mind-afternoon, and he fancied a piece of chocolate, he was replacing it with nuts, seeds, and nature bars. Anything that in his mind was much healthier than his chocolate bar.

When we discussed this, it turns out that he was consuming over 250 kcals in this snack every single day.

My job, as Richards coach, is to get him results. To take all the worry and stress out of his journey, and provide him with a clear strategy moving forwards.

So why did I tell him to eat a Curly Wurly?

We had good quality protein feedings at 4 regular intervals during the day, so we knew that protein was not an issue here. We also knew that calorie control was the next big driver in getting his results.

Now here is the thing...

A Curly curly is 117 kcals. That is a massive saving of at least 125 kcals per day (850 kcals per week!). Plus, you can’t eat a Curly Wurly fast - have you ever tried? The constant chewing takes time, which gives you a chance to feel fuller and less likely to then need another snack.

Giving Richard a little bit of what he enjoys will yield better long term results.

If you want to see how you can still have the foods you like and get the results you want, then get in touch and let’s chat.


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