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Is it time to look at changing our lifestyles?


With so many people having type 2 diabetes, surely it’s about time we took a long hard look at our lifestyles?

We know that we have a 'calories in versus calories out' in, most of us consume far more calories than we burn.

So is the answer more celebrity diet books, detox drinks, and fat burning supplements? Or is it about education - how to devise and prepare a healthy meal plan that isn’t the plainest and most boring thing you have ever tasted?

We need to show people that it is possible to eat the foods you enjoy and still have a healthier life.

Cutting through the BS and helping people understand how to build exercise and nutrition into their lives is exactly what I do.

A properly designed exercise programme and healthy-eating plan designed around your needs and likes is all that is required for you to achieve life-changing results.

I know it’s not sexy and it’s not done in a week, but it works, it's sustainable and it’s a damn sight more fun with a community of like-minded people.


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