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I love seeing all the gym setups that people are starting to get


Having spent years building up my own Garage Gym I can remember the excitement of getting a new bit of equipment, taking delivery and setting it up in its new pride-of-place.

But, having spent all that time and money investing in the right equipment the worst thing is to be one of those people with “all the gear and no idea.”

My coaching programme is not just built around people who use big chain gyms.

After all, I have built my health and physique around working out in my Garage.

How often do you walk into your gym with:

  • No Plan

  • No progression

  • No clue of what order to put exercises in

  • No idea how many reps and sets you need to maximise your results

All these issues and a whole lot more will be removed just by getting some coaching.

If you want to maximise the investment in yourself, then let’s chat.

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