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Hip hinge difficulty

In my humble opinion, one of the most difficult movements to get right in the gym is the Hip Hinge.

Romanian deadlifts, Kettlebell swings and stiff-legged deadlifts also fall into this group.

It is easy to engage the lower back rather than hinge at the hips. This can lead to strained lower backs.

When I started to do these movements years ago, I felt them more in the lower back than in the hamstrings.

It would be easy to give up and think that you are awful at this movement and miss out on all the benefits.

But, with practice, you will get it. Repetition is the mother of all skills, and by sticking to the task and practising, you will eventually get it.

Think back to when you learnt to drive. I bet most of us are now better drivers than we were on our first driving lesson.

We practised. We got back in the car lesson after lesson and got better and better.

The same thing happens with exercise.

Very few of us can do everything perfectly from the first go but to be good at something, we need to realise we are going to be awful at it first.


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