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Get a rock-solid mindset


You would ever say to your kids; "oh you’ll never be able to do that so don’t bother trying"? But far too often, this is what we say to ourselves.

As the saying goes “if you think you can you might, and if you think you can't you're right”. With a negative mindset, you have already admitted defeat and changing that without support can be really really hard. That's why the first thing I help my clients achieve is a rock-solid mindset.

Here is an example of what I mean;

Going through a plan with a new client, and chatting about how we are going to move him forwards.

👉 80kg fella who wants to feel better about his appearance

👉 Busy work life

👉 Needs to improve his sleep

👉 Sky-high stress levels

As a professional coach, I know that throwing him into a massive fat-loss phase isn't a great idea. At the moment, he is not in a good place to go into a calorie deficit and it would place more stress on the body. So to start off with, we look at strength goals - to aim for a target of 5 times his bodyweight for a deadlift. So he says; “well I can’t do that, my back won’t take it”.

🤔 Has he ever had the support of a professional coach before now? - NO

🤔 Has he ever done lower back mobility drills before now? - NO

🤔 Has he ever worked on strengthening his core and lower back muscles before now? - NO

🤔 Has he ever worked on his breathing during lifts before now? - NO

If I don't think a particular exercise is right for you, I won't prescribe it. Don’t let mindset get in the way of your dreams. In the words of Delboy; "he who dares wins".
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