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Get a mission to reach your goals


We all enjoy our festive food, and over Christmas, we are all likely to put on a few pounds. But we don't always realise that reaching for the extra alcoholic tipple is what can really affect us.

Last Christmas, I found that those extra drinks affected pretty much everything.

It affected my sleep, which then had a knock-on effect on the rest of my day. Now, clearly, part of this is about getting older. Our bodies don't have the same "bounce-back" they used to once we get past a (I hate this phrase) "certain age".

This is why getting a mission is so important.

It's not about focussing on what you can't do. It's about having a mission that excites and inspires you to make different choices.

Giving yourself a purpose beyond living for the weekend.

This is what we do at the Academy. This is what my coaching programme is about. Working with my team to ensure everyone has a mission that fires them up and inspires them is what works.

Having a mission doesn't mean you can’t go out and you can’t have a drink.

It just means that your life has a bigger purpose than just making it to the weekend or getting to the holiday that you are just going to drink on.

Having a mission and a purpose in life will help you to make better choices. It will stop you from feeling bored, overwhelmed, and anxious.

At the Academy, I help my team (both online and onsite) work out what their mission is at least every 6 months.


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