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Fellas; You can't stop something until you start something new

You can’t stop something unless you start something new.

Please read that again.

As men, we tend to think we can stop something instantly and it will all be ok.

But unless we replace it with something else that we get the same sort of feeling from, we will not be able to get the original behaviour out of our minds.

Let me explain;

I have a habit of eating huge volumes of food in the evening.

I can be as good as gold during the day - stay within my calorie target and eat perfectly.

But by 9 pm I can then eat the same number of calories as I have all day, in the space of about 20 minutes!

Now, if I just said to myself “well, I just won’t eat after 9pm”, I can guarantee the only thing that would be on my mind would be food.

And, I would give in.

Unless I replace that habit with another one that gives me satisfaction, I won’t be able to stop myself from thinking about eating - and then start eating.

So I replaced the habit with; reading a book, meditating, or gaming with my kids.

Do you have a habit that you know you need to stop?
Have you tried to just stop with no replacement?
How did it go?

Until you replace the habit with something that you care about more, I doubt you will be able to STOP that original one.


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