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Don't just paint the leaves green - look at what's causing the problem.


When a plant's leaves are turning brown, you don't just paint the leaves green. You look at the cause of the problem. If only we treated our bodies the same way.

How true is this saying?

For any of you horticulture buffs out there, you know that if your plant started showing signs of distress you would be out there checking the soil, repotting it, and giving it the feed needed to help it survive.

And yet, with our own bodies we just continue on with the same old methods we have been using.

A lot of coaches will just go down the 'calories in versus calories out' route, and to some extent they are right - that is the over-riding principle of weight-loss.

And it is true you can lose weight eating fast food.

But, will it lead to optimal health?

This is why, from the beginning, my team are taught how to build meals around a healthy balanced diet using foods that they actually like, rather than just foods I tell them they can eat.

There are no cookie-cutter (excuse the pun) meal plans here. Every one of my team members is listened to and treated as the individual they are.

But I tell you what; the individuals are coming together as a monumental team.

If you want in, or just want to have a chat to see if you are a good fit, fill out our contact form and let's get you started right away.


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