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Don’t be afraid to start small. Just start, and watch your results grow.


But, how do we make things grow?

It starts with an idea, which grows into a plan, which then grows into successes.

My team all set goals and objectives. But they vary from person to person.

Some team members just set objectives rather than goals, and I love this.

Instead of setting a goal of; “I will walk 10,000 steps today", or "I will not eat any junk food”. We set objectives like; “I will get out and walk today”, or “I will refrain from eating that packet of crisps as an extra snack”.

As these objectives get accomplished, and we get more used to winning...our sense of ability grows, our wins grow, and our confidence in our ability grows.

And then soon, the objectives get changed to goals, and the goals grow.

If you want to start now and flourish, then get in touch and let’s chat.

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