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Do you need to start asking yourself better questions?


When things go wrong - and they will - on the occasions when you are invited out at late notice, you miss a training session, or you drink more than you thought you would... Do you immediately go into victim mode and start to berate yourself? Do you ask the “Why Me?” Question?

It is very easy to do this. But the trouble with doing this is that it leads to more negativity.

It leads to more feelings of failure and the temptation to quit.

Instead of asking "Why Me?", try asking yourself these questions instead...

  • How do I really feel - what emotion am I feeling?

  • How do I want to feel?

  • What am I willing to do to feel like that?

  • What lessons have I learnt from that?

  • What reasons can I find to make me grateful that it happened?

Every event, every outcome comes with good and bad and are learning opportunities.

For example; when I tore my bicep tendon, I couldn’t train my upper body for 8 weeks! I could have gone straight into victim mode and done nothing but sulk for the 8 weeks. But, a week later, I was back in the gym training legs.

The reasons that I found to be grateful for it happening were:

  • It forced me to rest and recover

  • It made me more focused on my diet

  • It made me reassess my training, and what I was focusing on

  • It gave me more time with my family because I wasn’t training for an hour every day

When you can change your perspective and see the lessons and find gratitude, things become easier.


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