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Do you have the “I’ll try to fit it in” mentality?


Do you often think: “I’ll try to get a training session in today", "I’ll try to cook a meal tonight", "I’ll see if I get time to fill in my journal", "hopefully I’ll have time to take the kids out”...

Roughly translated: “I’ll try to fit something in”, means that you don’t really care too much about it - even though you say you do!

The number of people I speak to who say that training is a high-value task, or that family time is a high priority, and yet they don’t schedule any of these things into their day.

Within the Academy, we look at how we can improve people lives, not just their training and nutrition. And scheduling is a high-value task that we use.

How can you say you are busy if you don’t have a record of anything that you have done or the things that need doing that day?

We use a system called BOPT which stands for BrainDump, Offload, Prioritise and Time. By implementing this system, we improve the quality of the tasks we do.

We free up more time to enable us to build in something that excites us every day and we focus our minds more fully on the things that yield us better results.

If you want to be less stressed and become more productive, more focused, and more driven towards your outcomes, then start to schedule and plan your days. And if you want to find out how to do this, just book your Strategy Call and let’s chat.


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