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Do something that excites you


I asked the members of my private group a question;

“What one thing have you done (or will do) today that excites you?” It's a question designed to make you add something into your day that you really want to do.

If you haven’t planned anything into your day that excites you, it's very hard to become...well...excited about anything.

Most of us spend far too much of our day doing stuff we don’t want to do. So it’s no wonder we find ourselves bored and frustrated.

By scheduling in one thing that excites you, you can create that buzz that will carry you through the day.

And the great thing is that the one thing that you look forward to doing, can be anything you want it to be.

It could be:

  • Reading a book

  • Going to the beach

  • Paddle-boarding

  • Listening to music

  • Meditating

  • Boxing (that’s my thing)

  • Training

  • Walking

  • Sitting in your garden

  • Watching television

And the best thing is, you get to create the activity yourself. It doesn’t rely on anyone else. It’s all your own creation, on your own terms. Just doing something that you value.

What are some of the things that you do that make you happy?

Recognise them, and then add one into your day to give you something to get excited about every day.


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