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Diabetes. Sometimes you have to live it to understand it.


When I was in my early 20’s (and I realise now it was my issue), I hated going for my diabetic checkups.

I would sit there having tried hard to control this condition, and here was a non-diabetic telling me I needed to "try harder" and that it was simply a case of doing x,y, and z.

They had never had to match their food to their insulin.

They had never had a hectic day at work, causing blood sugars to become unbalanced.

They had never been ill and had their control go out the window.

They had never been in my shoes.

That's why I get the results I do with my diabetic clients.

Because I’ve been there. I live it with them. I have the same struggles. I know what the issues are, and I can empathise with how hard it is.

When people are willing to put the work in and understand that the pain of change is much less than staying where they are right now, the results are amazing!

I’ve done it myself, and I have done it for many other people.

If you want to change then book your Strategy Call. Let's see what we can do together.


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