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Daily planning is what makes the difference


This is so important.

If you don’t plan out your day, it is so easy to get distracted.

You end up relying on motivation and willpower to get stuff done, which, as we know, runs out.

You don’t need to plan out your day as fully as I do, but splitting it into morning and afternoon jobs is a minimum.

Of course, you will get tasks coming in un-expectantly. But the great thing about making a plan is that you can then assess the priority level of each new task. You can then put it into your Daily Plan.

I genuinely only spend a maximum of 5 minutes every morning doing this. It takes no time at all. But it can save you hours of procrastination and delay.

It can also be done the night before to help you sleep better and send you to bed with a mind clear of distractions.

Elite Level Planning will take you from good to great.


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