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Choose your hard!

Choose your hard (I thought that might catch your attention)!

I did a voice note about this on my Telegram channel…

We have to make choices every day, and most of them are hard choices to make.

I could choose to control my diabetes (which is hard), or I could choose not to and then live with the consequences. These could make my life very hard.

It's hard to get off your backside and into a gym. It's also hard to be a bad example to your kids and feel unfit and unconditioned.

It's hard to control the food you put in your mouth. But it's also hard to be overweight and unable to play with your kids.

It's hard to start your business. But it's also hard to stay in a job you hate with people that you don't like.

Basically, if all choices and paths are hard, why not choose the path that leads to a more exciting and fulfilling life?

It's hard to pick change, but it can be harder to deal with just staying the same.


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