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Can a Type 1 Diabetic get in shape?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021


I thought (along with probably many type 1’s), that having to deal with things like; hypo and hyper situations, administering my insulin, and the effect that different types of exercise have on blood sugars, would inhibit my ability to lose fat and get shredded. When really, I was just using it as an excuse not to achieve what I really wanted.

This year I decided to finally get into the best shape that I could, and now I feel able to serve my diabetic clients even better.

These are some of the things that I teach my type 1 clients.

Firstly that being Diabetic makes it tricky but not impossible to get abs.

I can teach you:

  • How to manipulate your insulin dosage to get the best results

  • How to manage your dosage to cope with the calorie movements

  • How different workouts will affect your blood glucose

  • How differently your carb to calorie ratio will alter depending on where you are on your journey

  • How to still get amazing results, gain confidence and look and feel amazing with diabetes.

This is definitely a case of if I can do it, I can help you to do it too.

So if you are fed-up of thinking that diabetes will stop you getting in great shape, and you are dreaming of getting into the best shape of your life, then get in touch and let's get you started.

Also, if you know any Type 1’s who you think would benefit from reading this, then please share it with them. My goal is to help as many fellow type 1’s as I can reach their full potential, and realise that Diabetes won’t control us - we will control it!

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