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As a coach, I use a coach

Often I find, when my clients start with me, they are surprised when I talk about my coach and what I am learning from him.

The thought process seems to be that because I am a coach and help people remove overwhelm and self-sabotaging habits to improve their fitness, nutrition and mindset, that I have my life all neatly sewn up.

Far from it!

I have my struggles and wobbles just like everyone else, and asking for help is something I have had to get much more comfortable with.

So I needed to find a strategy to help me find solutions.

Every 6 months, I sit down and look at three specific areas of my life - my 3 F’s

  • Focus

  • Fitness

  • Finances

If I see any weaknesses in any (or all) of these areas, I look for someone to invest in who can help me improve. If it is accountability with my training, I hire a PT. If it is mindset, or I want to push my business, then I hire a coach.

To me, this is not a cost. It is an investment in myself and my time.

I could stubbornly carry on thinking I know how to do everything and save myself a few pounds. Or I could invest wisely and learn from someone who has done it, and who can save me from making the mistakes they made.

One of the best lessons I have learnt with my business is that asking for help is not a weakness.

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