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Are your rules making life too hard?

Are your rules making it really hard to succeed?

I was chatting to a new client the other day, and I asked him my favourite question...

"What needs to happen over the next 12 weeks for this to be the best investment in yourself ever?"

His reply was, “I want to get a handle on my training and nutrition”.

How do you know what getting a handle on your training and nutrition will mean?

"I want to train 5 days per week and hit the calories set every single day.”

By setting such rigid rules, you are really making life hard for yourself.

If you miss some of these rules, you will start to feel like you are failing - like you are unable to hit your own rules.

This is why, within my programme, we set more realistic rules.

For example, we aim for 2-4 sessions per week. And our calorie targets have a 10% or 15% wiggle room built-in.

Setting your environment up for success is vital, especially at the start of your journey. Momentum plays a big part in your wins, so why set the rules at such a high standard that you’re going to struggle to hit them?

If you're struggling right now and need to get things handled and you want to chat, let’s go!


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