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An unhappy journey rarely ends in a happy ending


I love watching Grand Designs and seeing how people fight through problems to end with a gorgeous home that they have built themselves.

However, I watched one episode the other night where a family started to build a really complex house in a difficult location. As you can imagine, everything started to go wrong. The weather held things up, the costs started to spiral out of control, and after a few years working on the project, his wife left him along with the kids. He was left with this part-built house, and his family gone.

He struggled on and finished the project - which did end up looking stunning - but when interviewed at the end of the programme, he didn’t really like the house or what it stood for. The final dream had been altered by the horror of the journey.

It’s the same for our journeys.

If we are filling our days with;

  • Tasks we hate

  • Exercise we don’t like

  • Food we don’t want to eat

  • Avoiding social situations that we want to go to makes for a pretty unhappy journey. This then impacts the way we feel when we reach our goal. We tend to feel more relieved that it is over rather than proud of what we have achieved.

Don’t get me wrong, there is always a price of admission when we are trying to add growth to our lives. But it doesn’t have to be so painful that we dislike doing it.

That's why in the Academy the journey is about you. The programmes are built around you and your lives. The nutrition is based on foods you like and the time you have to prepare and cook a meal. The exercises are things you like. And the mindset coaching is what you need to hear.

90 days doesn’t have to feel like 3 months. It flies by in the Academy because you are the focus.
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