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5 things you can focus on over the next 4-weeks.


There is a long list of things that we have been told we can’t do.

But, instead of focusing your energy on negative things, fill your thoughts with the things that you can control - the things that will make a positive impact on your health and wellness.

Here are my 5 top things to focus on:

  1. Control how much negative information you consume - only watch a maximum of 1 news programme per day and keep off social media first thing in the morning

  2. Sort your sleep - implement a good pre-bed routine to help you get a regular sleep/waking time

  3. Get out and about - we can still get out and walk. It will build up your cardiovascular fitness, clear your head, and provide you with time away from work or screens

  4. Practice gratitude - write down one to two things every day that you are grateful for. When you focus on positive things, it is harder to allow negative thoughts in

  5. Give yourself a break - if things don’t go to plan straight away, or if you consume more food and drink that you wanted to, or if you don’t get out for your walk - it doesn’t matter. Don’t throw in the towel. Just forgive yourself, and start again. 'Consistently Good' beats 'Occasionally Great' every time.

Let’s all come out of this in a better position than we went in.

We can do this, and if you want help just reach out.

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