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4 simple steps to start feeling good


We do like to over-complicate things, to make the journey seem harder than it really needs to be.

I guess that if we make it seem really hard in our minds, it gives us a reason not to do it.

If we feel that the way is going to be tough, then we won’t feel bad about not trying.

This is never more true than when we think about getting fitter and healthier.

We build up how hard it is going to be:

  • Eating all the boring foods

  • Beasting ourselves in the gym

  • Pounding the pavements for hours on runs


...what if...

...there were 4 simple and very easy steps that you could do each day that would make a huge difference to you.

Get 6-8 hours sleep every night
Drink 1.5-3 litres of water per day
Move more - aim for 8- 10k steps over the day
Cook more meals from scratch at home

That is it!

Do them every day and see just how good you feel.
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