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4 easy ways to reduce your calorie intake without needing to track anything.

  1. Increase your vegetable intake: load your plate up with vegetables, they will provide much-needed nutrients and will cut down the amount of room left for starchy carbs so the amount of these consumed will be reduced.

  2. Reduce your window for eating: if you don’t fancy having breakfast, don’t have it! No law says you have to have breakfast. Reducing the amount of time you give yourself to eat, will often lead to a reduction in calories consumed. This is just one tool though, not a 'must'.

  3. Have more lean meats such as chicken, turkey. Try 0% fat yoghurts and white fish rather than steak and lamb.

  4. Remove liquid calories; these can come in the form of smoothies and fruit juices. Also changing to zero sugar soft drinks from full-fat ones will be a huge step in the right direction.

These are just some of the ways that you can cut down on calories. If you would like some help getting a plan together to get you started, just get in touch, and we can chat.


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