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Things you need to know before stepping on the scales 


You are so much more than the number on a set of scales.

When clients first come to me, a lot of them are obsessed with the number the scales show them each morning. And I totally get it! Before I knew any better, I would worry about my food and actions on the day to keep the scale weight moving in the right direction.

For some of us, this has gone too far. I was chatting to a guy who was dreading going out for his anniversary meal with his wife because he was worried that the scales would read higher the next morning. Imagine that - risking upsetting the one you love because of a number on the scales!

So firstly, have a word with yourself! You are far more than a number on a set of scales.

If you have a very specific goal that you are working towards (like a show or a photo shoot), then I can understand your thinking. But if not, you need to remember that you have been working hard so that you can enjoy situations like this.

The chances are that working on your physique and health has increased your confidence and increased how good you feel about yourself. This is your time to show off all that hard work.

The fact is that one meal out may well increase your morning weight, but that will be for a variety of reasons:

  • Increased sodium intake

  • Increased water retention

  • More food still in your system

You will notice that the only thing not on that list is increased body fat levels. There is no way that you can put on 2-3lbs of body fat in one night. You would need to have over-consumed calories at an alarming rate to hit that sort of result.

So chill out. Enjoy the special moments, and realise that it’s not going to ruin anything (at least a lot less than upsetting your partner will).

All my clients are given rock-solid strategies to deal with these exact situations. So they know they can live, relax, and cope with anything, and still get the results they want.

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