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There is nowhere near enough emphasis on nailing the basics...


When it comes to making changes to your health and fitness there is nowhere near enough emphasis placed on just nailing the basics.

Far too often I see trainers wanting to change programmes every session, fuss over the minutia of worrying if elbows are at exactly the right angle to the floor.

Instead, if we got people to be more consistent with the basics, the results would be far greater.

When I talk about basics I mean things like:

  • Eating vegetables.

  • Moving more during the day.

  • Drinking water throughout the day instead of one bog glass at the end of the day because we have a headache.

  • Sleeping better.

  • Consuming freshly cooked foods rather than hitting ready meals and takeaway all week.

  • Stop looking at social media for the latest quick fix and short cut and focus more on these things, I realise just how unsexy these things are but they work.

Think about how far YOU would be along your journey if you had just focused on these basics.

So next time you catch yourself feeling like you haven’t progressed, or looking at your fav celeb to see what they are doing. Take a step back and focus on the basics, your future self will thank you.

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