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Surf the urge to snack

How often do you get the urge to eat a piece of chocolate or a biscuit?

Research shows that when we initially get a craving, we act on it immediately - which could be a mistake.

Most cravings only last around 30 mins. They can then peak, and then drop off. So if you find yourself feeling a craving coming on, you must first recognise that you have it, then see what the situation is: are you stressed, bored or anxious?

Then ask yourself this:

Can you justify the snack? Has it only been a few hours since you last ate and you know that you will eat again in a couple of hours? You could find something to do to occupy yourself while you surf the urge, and wait until it peaks and drops away again.

Give the above a go and let me know how you get on.

If you need help, reach out.

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