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Stress and inflammation


I’ve talked about stress many times, but for most of you, this is something that plays such a big part in your fitness journey.

As we know, we can find stress in many places: work, finances, family, and other relationships. These are obvious stressors and you can see this stress coming from a mile away.

Here’s the thing though, most of you are now training more than you have in a long time and coupling that with the calorie deficit that you are on, all add stress to the system.

Stress does elicit an immune response and this can only be in the form of inflammation.

Inflammation within the system will slow down your results. Your body will be actively trying to remove the inflammation and repair itself rather than deliver on the all processes that you need it to do to push your results forward.

Taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally, is the best way to reduce this stress and inflammation. I know it's all the unsexy stuff; the journaling, the meditation, the deep breathing, the higher consumption of fruit and vegetables.

But, it is these tasks done consistently, that will get the results you want. And the thing is if we are honest with ourselves, we know that spending 5 minutes every morning journaling, deep breathing, or meditating, will improve the situation and yet we still don’t do it. Maybe we still think it is too off the wall and wacky to do these things.

Do yourself a favour though, give these things a go. Start with a few mornings per week and build up. Don’t make it into a stressor itself, just go with the moment. When you have 5 minutes, sit quietly and breathe, take a pad and pen and just scribble down all the things in your head, in the evening write a to-do list for the next day to stop you thinking about the next day's chores in bed.

Stress and inflammation can really hamper your results, so what have you got to lose - apart from 5 minutes of your day?

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